Our Runbooks

From Stark & Wayne, To You


BOSH is the deployment orchestration solution for all your Cloud and Cloud Foundry needs. All of our stuff runs on it.

Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway. You’ve got apps, Cloud Foundry is the platform for you.

Vault and Safe

Vault and Safe work in tandem to keep your secrets, certificates, keys, and other credentials secure.


A workflow engine like no other, Concourse is the backbone of our automation and continuous delivery solution.


Shield is a data protection system that performs unattended and automatic backup tasks, according to a schedule you define.


The jumpbox is the place to be for all things ops!

Blacksmith Services

Blacksmith leverages BOSH to provide on-demand services backend by dedicated, single-tenant deployments.


Genesis is the thread that ties it all together, from a deployment and management standpoint.

Platform Maintainance

This section covers some of the tasks you may perform when you maintain the CF platform.